Jan Jordan, a Top Microblading artist with a plethora of experience and skill, is a shining example of excellence in the constantly changing field of beauty improvement. Trained on London’s prestigious “Harley Street,” Jan is a true pioneer in the art of Natural looking permanent makeup for the more mature client, particularly catering to the needs of more.


Jan’s commitment to providing a holistic and inclusive beauty experience extends beyond the conventional. As an Alopecia specialist, she understands the unique challenges faced by clients dealing with hair loss, offering tailored solutions that embrace individual beauty in all its forms.


With Years of experience and expertise under her belt, Jan has honed her craft to perfection, ensuring that each stroke of her microblading artistry tells a story of rejuvenation and enhancement. Her focus on natural-looking permanent makeup reflects a dedication to timeless elegance, transcending the transient trends of the beauty industry.


Nestled in the heart of Hindhead, Surrey, Jan’s beautiful clinic with onsite parking offers more than just a space for beauty transformations. The serene environment, coupled with convenient onsite parking, creates a welcoming haven for clients seeking a moment of self-care and rejuvenation.


What sets Jan Jordan apart is not just her unparalleled skill but also the personal touch she brings to each client interaction. Her status as a Harley Street trained professional attests to the highest standard of training, ensuring that clients receive cutting-edge techniques and the latest advancements in the field of permanent makeup.


Jan’s commitment to excellence is not just reflected in her skills but also in the satisfaction of her clients. With a remarkable track record, she boasts a remarkable 100% 5 *google reviews. These glowing testimonials speak volumes about the trust clients place in Jan’s artistry and her ability to consistently deliver exceptional results.


Whether it’s meticulously crafting natural-looking eyebrows, defining eyes with precision eyeliner, or enhancing lips to restore youthful contours, Jan Jordan’s work is a symphony of art and expertise. Her clientele includes those seeking natural-looking permanent makeup for mature skin, and her attention to detail ensures that every client leaves with a perfect, lasting look that accentuates their inherent beauty.


In the world of permanent makeup, Jan Jordan’s name is synonymous with quality, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to natural aesthetics. As she continues to weave her magic on the faces of clients, Jan remains a testament to the transformative power of expertly applied, natural-looking permanent makeup.