Seawater Desalination with Reverse Osmosis Plant

All Reverse Osmosis plants are basically Desalination Plants but desalination is being referred to sea water normally. As sea water has very high TDS requires very high pressure to force sea water through membranes which are different then brackish water membranes.

Multiple Effect Distillation(MED) for seawater

As sea water desalination plants requires very high pressure pumps in short energy consumption is very high in sea water reverse osmosis systems forced to research for alternative of reverse osmosis plants for seawater desalination found Multiple Effect Distillation very cost effective in terms of energy consumption but fixed capital investment is bit higher. In many cases Multiple Effect Distillation(MED) would be associated with Thermal Vapour Compression ( MED TVC), or Mechanical Vapour Compression (MED MVC). And DESALINATION PLANT MANUFACTURER, Waterman Engineers Australia reverse osmosis plant price is the most competitive in the industry.