In the heart of Tokyo, where tradition meets modernity, 東雲キャナルコート stands as a testament to convenience, affordability, and contemporary living. Completed in July 2003, this residential marvel, comprising 1712 total units, has redefined the rental landscape with its groundbreaking offers, including a free brokerage fee, effectively free rent for the first month, and a minimal one-month security deposit. Nestled just 9 minutes away from Tatsumi Station, this architectural gem not only captures the essence of Tokyo living but also introduces a revolutionary approach to making quality housing accessible to all.


Shinonome Canal Court CODAN breaks away from the conventional norms of apartment hunting by eliminating the burden of a brokerage fee. In a city where finding the perfect home often comes with substantial financial implications, this feature alone sets CODAN apart. Prospective tenants can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that securing a place in this coveted residence won’t incur the typical expenses associated with brokerage services.


Adding to its allure, Shinonome Canal Court CODAN abolishes the customary key money, offering a truly unique proposition in the Tokyo rental market. The absence of key money, a non-refundable sum often equivalent to one to two months’ rent, liberates tenants from an additional financial burden, making CODAN an enticing option for those seeking a cost-effective and transparent renting experience.


Imagine moving into your dream home without having to worry about the first month’s rent. At Shinonome Canal Court CODAN, this dream becomes a reality. With effectively free rent for the initial month, tenants can seamlessly transition into their new abode, allowing them to allocate their resources more efficiently during the crucial moving phase.


Furthermore, CODAN requires only a minimal one-month security deposit, a rarity in Tokyo’s competitive real estate landscape. This reduced deposit not only eases the financial strain on tenants but also fosters an environment of trust between the residents and the property management. Such a progressive approach to leasing reflects CODAN’s commitment to providing an accessible and fair housing solution for individuals and families alike.


Location is key, and Shinonome Canal Court CODAN excels in this aspect. Situated a mere 9 minutes on foot from Tatsumi Station, residents enjoy easy access to Tokyo’s extensive transportation network. The proximity to the station not only ensures a swift commute but also opens up a world of possibilities for exploration and recreation in and around the city.


Tatsumi Station serves as a gateway to Tokyo’s vibrant districts, connecting residents to employment hubs, cultural hotspots, and entertainment venues. Whether it’s the bustling streets of Tokyo or the serene parks and waterfronts, CODAN’s strategic location provides a seamless blend of urban convenience and natural beauty.


As Shinonome Canal Court CODAN celebrates its completion in July 2003, it stands tall as a symbol of progressive and inclusive living in the heart of Tokyo. With 1712 total units offering a range of housing options, CODAN redefines the rental experience by eliminating the brokerage fee, key money, and significantly reducing the security deposit. Its strategic location near Tatsumi Station adds another layer of appeal, providing residents with unparalleled accessibility.


In a city known for its soaring real estate costs, Shinonome Canal Court CODAN emerges as a beacon of affordability and convenience, welcoming individuals and families to experience Tokyo living without compromising financial well-being. As we mark CODAN’s 1-year milestone, it’s evident that this innovative residential complex has not only endured but thrived, setting a new standard for contemporary and accessible urban living in Tokyo.